Who We Are

Laxmi Vitiligo Centre is the Best Homeopathic Hospital in India focused on providing comprehensive treatment to people suffering from Vitiligo.

People suffering from Vitiligo flock to Dr. S. Chidambaranathan also known as Dr. Cheena, as his success rate in Vitiligo Cure is very high. drcheena® homeopathic treatment for Vitiligo has been perfected by his 31 years of experience treating Vitiligo.

drcheena® homeopathic treatment for Vitiligo has been made globally available by Laxmi Vitiligo.

Our Mission

We strive to treat people suffering from Vitiligo in the best possible way significantly improving quality of life, following ethical principles.

We aspire to create a Vitiligo Free Society by providing drcheena® homeopathic Vitiligo treatment to everyone suffering from Vitiligo.

Our Vision

To Accelerate the shift to more sustainable and reliable vitiligo treatment protocols contributing to a Healthier Tomorrow.

Our Values

Highly-curated, Customized, Quality of life uplifting, Personally crafted, Intent to comfort, Reliable value-ensured treatment.